Chief Medical Officer, Director of Behavioral Health Services

Treating the mind, body & spirit. As our Chief Medical Officer and Director of Behavioral Health Services, “Dr. K.” is responsible for making certain that each of our clients that present with co-occurring disorders receives the most responsive, effective and compassionate psychiatric treatment they need to address, cope with and navigate their disorders; affording them the opportunity for a successful pathway to recovery.

Dr. K. delivers a holistic approach to treatment ensuring that each of our clients understands that recovery is mental, physical and spiritual, with more than 20 years of advanced clinical training and experience, paired with her extensive clinical knowledge for understanding what patients with mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar and schizophrenia require to be personally invested and engaged in their treatment plans, each of Divine Light’s clients are guaranteed quality, personalized and comprehensive behavioral health services.
Dr. K.’s impressive academic accomplishments include a BS in Biology, BS in Nursing, an MS in Nursing, Dr. K is also a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Clinical Nursing Practice.

As a former educator, teaching for 10 years in the Baltimore City Public School System, Dr. K. continues in her private practice lending her expertise in the fields of nursing and psychiatry by teaching precepts throughout multiple universities.

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