Mission Statement

Divine Light is a non-denominational agency providing addiction treatment in an Outpatient setting. Divine Light’s primary mission is to provide every individual we come in contact with the opportunity to achieve a better way of life through recovery. If the individual is seeking treatment for a substance abuse or a co-occurring problem, our goal is to provide services which will best match their needs. We will strive to educate all who are involved as to how the individual can best be treated. Our primary purpose is to find help for anyone who comes to us. Divine Light is committed to providing comprehensive, high quality treatment to individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction.
Divine Light’s services are available to a wide variety of adults who are or have a cooccurring disorder, and who have been assessed as being able to benefit from the program. Many of these people have great difficulty finding housing and employment. Despite anti-discrimination laws, many employers are transphobic. Employers may rule out any possibility of employment simply because of the applicant’s appearance, regardless of training, skills, or abilities. Many are denied even an interview because of the requirement to disclose former names and criminal background information. Divine Light will consider for admission all participants referred regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual preference, or national origin. Divine Light will operate on the premise that all people are individuals with special needs, backgrounds, and past experiences; therefore, each case is monitored on an individual basis and the decision-making process regarding admission is treated as such. Our experience and knowledge of human services has allowed us to develop relationships and collaborations with a variety of supportive services and entitlements throughout our agency. Divine Light recognizes and accepts the responsibility to enhance the health and safety of the public, the workplace and promote the well-being of our participants who are experiencing addiction problems.

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